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03-11-2017 (14:42)
Participation in the X St. Petersburg interregional conference "Information security regions of Russia" (ISRR-2017). (Vasily Desnitsky, Dmitry Levshun, Igor Parashchuk, Alexander Branitskiy, Elena Doynikova, Andrey Fedorchenko, Maxim Kolomeec, Alexei Kushnerevich, Igor Saenko, Anton Pronoza, Sergey Ageev).

27-10-2017 (15:26)
Participation in the all-Russian forum " system of distributed situational centers as a basis for digital transformation of public administration "(SDSC-2017), St. Petersburg. (Andrey Fedorchenko, Igor Parashchuk, Nickolay Komashinsky, Evgeny Merkushev, Elena Doynikova, Maxim Kolomeec, Nickolay Komashinsky, Igor Parashchuk, Anton Pronoza, Igor Saenko, Andrey Chechulin, Igor Ushakov).

27-10-2017 (15:13)
Participation in the all-Russian forum "system of distributed situational centers as a basis for the digital transformation of public administration". SPb. (Vasily Desnitsky, Dmitry Levshun, Alexander Branitskiy).

25-10-2017 (19:42)
Participation in the 10th International Symposium on foundations and practice of security (FPS 2017). Nancy, France (Elena Doynikova, Igor Kotenko).

Participation in the 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing - IDC'2017, Belgrade, Serbia. (Igor Kotenko, Vasily Desnitsky).

12-10-2017 (19:50)
Participation in the sixth international conference on communications, computing, networks and technologies (INNOV 2017). (Igor Kotenko, Igor Saenko).

07-10-2017 (17:03)
Participation in the XII international scientific-practical conference. Penza. (Igor Kotenko).

23-09-2017 (15:57)
Participation in the III Interregional scientific-practical conference "Perspective directions of development of native information technologies". Sevastopol (Igor Kotenko).

Participation in the 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS'2017), Bucharest, Romania. (Igor Kotenko, Dmitry Levshun, Andrey Fedorchenko).

Participation in the 2nd International Scientific Conference Intelligent information technologies for industry. Varna, Bulgaria. (Igor Kotenko, Andrey Chechulin, Igor Saenko).

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