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Bakhtin Yurii Evgenevich

Citizenship: Russia
Address academic (office):
St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
39, 14th Liniya, St.-Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Tel.: +7-(812)-328-7181
Fax: +7-(812)-328-4450

Position: developer

Bakhtin Yurii Evgenevich, developer of Laboratory of Computer Security Problems of the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Science (Scientific advisor - Andrey Chechulin).

E-mail: bakhtin[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru


Research interests

  • Distributed System Security, embedded devices, event correlation.


Academic background

  • 2012-2018 - student of St. Petersburg State electrotechnical university ("LETI") of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) is appropriated, speciality "Computer security" (090301.65).



Current Grants and Projects

  • Igor Kotenko (Principal Investigator) – State Contract No. 05.607.21.0322 "Development of methods, models, algorithms and software tools based on detecting deviations in heuristics of ultra-high volume traffic to detect network attacks and protect against them". Project of Russian Ministry of Education and Science in scope of the Program "Research and development in priority directions of evolution of the scientific and technological complex of Russia on 2014-2020", 2019-2020 (Researcher).
    Report-FTP-Results-05.607.21.0322.pdf [application/pdf] (204912 bytes)


Main publications



  1. Yurii Bakhtin, Sergey Bushuev, Maxim Kolomeets, Nikolai Komashinskiy, Igor Kotenko. Man-machine interaction algorithms for touch screens in a computer network visualization system // VIII International Scientific-Technical and Scientific-Methodological Conference "Actual Problems of Information Telecommunications in Science and Education" (APINO 2019). 2019. vol. 1. pp. 123-127. (in Russian).


  1. Dmitry Levshun, Yurii Bakhtin. Emergent properties of cyber-physical systems // Proceedings of the conference "Information technologies in management" (ITU-2018). St. Petersburg. October 2-4, 2018. SPb.: Concern Central Research Institute Electropribor JSC, 2018, P. 5. (in Russian).


RUSSIA, 199178, Saint-Petersburg, liniya 14-ya, 39, SPIIRAS (metro station Vasileostrovskaya).
+7-(812)-328-7181, +7-(812)-328-2642, ivkote[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru

Comments? Questions? chechulin[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru

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